AvéULTRA® Avemar® Dietary Supplement Health Drink

Dietary supplement for Daily Immune and Cell Repair Support

Each serving of AvéULTRA contains 5.5g of fermented wheat germ extract (FWGE).
30 single use packets per box

AvéULTRA is a beneficial, all-natural compound containing Avemar “fermented wheat germ” and has been the subject of over 30 peer-reviewed research publications. Daily use of this metabolism supplement is shown to support healthy cellular metabolic regulation in vulnerable cells and promote immune system modulation, resulting in healthy cellular and humoral (Th1/Th2) immune system balance.

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Product Description

AvéULTRA has been called, “A Miracle of Nature” and “A Marvel of Science!” AvéULTRA is the only natural health supplement in the US to contain the proprietary nutritional compound, Avemar, which is made through the fermentation of wheat germ by baker’s yeast with a patented process. This metabolism supplement has been the subject of close to 100 studies in cell lines as well as animal and human subjects, resulting in more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Studies show that Avemar works in numerous, powerful ways to support a depleted immune system:

  • Supports cellular metabolic regulation, so that cells use glucose at their normal rate though healthy oxidative pathways.
  • Promotes immune system support and modulation.
  • Maintains healthy cellular and humoral (Th1/Th2) immune balance.
  • Promotes optimal NK-cell targeting ability by supporting healthy presentation of a cell membrane feature called MHC-1 (Major Histocompatibility Complex Class One).
  • Enhances the coordinated response of macrophages, B-cells. and T-Cells.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1. What is AvéULTRA?

AvéULTRATM, from American BioSciences, contains the ingredient Avemar®, fermented wheat germ standardized to methoxy-substituted benzoquinones (DMBQ), a patented nutrient which has been the subject of more than 30 peer-reviewed research publications.

AvéULTRA is an instant drink mix that comes in pre-measured, individual-use packets that combine 5.5 grams of Avemar freeze-dried actives, the equivalent to the daily usage level used in most clinical trials, with Stevia as an all-natural sweetener and natural orange flavoring. The total weight per package is 5.53 grams.

Each packet is intended to be mixed with 4 oz. of cold water or any other beverage. AvéULTRA is sold in a box of 30, pre-measured, individual-use packets, which is a one month supply for most people.

2. What are the benefits of taking AvéULTRA?

Daily use is shown to support healthy immune system modulation and the regulation of cell metabolism, supporting the processes of cell differentiation and repair*.

  • • Supports cell metabolic regulation*
  • • Promotes immune system modulation*
  • • Maintains healthy cellular & humoral (Th1/Th2) immune balance*
  • • Promotes optimal Natural Killer (NK) cell targeting ability and the coordinated response of macrophages, B-cells and T-cells*

Research on Avemar, the primary ingredient in AvéULTRA, can be found at the website, www.avemarresearch.com, and by searching the National Institute of Health’s Pubmed website, www.pubmed.gov, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology website, www.asco.org, with the search terms, “Avemar” and/or “fermented wheat germ.”

The development of Avemar was initiated by the Hungarian-American physician, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his part in the discovery of Vitamin C and the processes of cell metabolism. Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi theorized that providing supplemental quantities of a naturally occurring molecule called DMBQ (2,6-dimethoxy-p-benzoquinone) would help chaperone the process of cell metabolism, keeping cell metabolic function stable within the narrow range of activity that defines good health.

3. What is AvéULTRA made of?

Dr. Maté Hidvégi was inspired by the research of Dr. Szent- Gyorgyi and has developed a patented process to concentrate DMBQ from wheat germ (Triticum vulgaris), through fermentation with baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

The liquid that results from fermentation is drawn off, filtered and freeze dried. The result has a standard concentration of DMBQ and a stable shelf life making it suitable for research and human consumption. It goes by the trade name Avemar, which is sometimes referred to, in research, by the code name “MSC.”

4. Where does AvéULTRA come from?

The AvéULTRA package displays this “Supplement Facts” panel.

AvéULTRA is manufactured by American BioSciences, Inc. in Blauvelt, NY under several quality assurance systems, including HACCP and GMP.

American BioSciences, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of AvéULTRA in the U.S. and AvéULTRA is GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), a designation that allows its use in foods, beverages and dietary supplements. According to the expert panel that assessed cell line, animal and human data on the safety and toxicity of the ingredient in AvéULTRA, Avemar, it has the toxicological profile of bread, and is very safe to consume at the recommended usage levels.

5. What is the recommended usage of AvéULTRA?

As a dietary supplement, recommended usage is one packet per day, mixed with 4 oz. (120 ml) of cold water or any other beverage. Mixing is best accomplished by shaking in a closed container (add liquid first, then AvéULTRA, close lid, and shake.) It is best to consume within 30 minutes of mixing. AvéULTRA should be consumed one hour before or after a meal, and two hours before or after any drugs or other dietary supplements. For best results, use daily.

For people over 199 lbs, the recommendation is to use two packets per day. Please consult with a company representative for recommended usage levels for children, for guidance on alternative usage levels, and use in combination with other dietary supplements.

6. Who should not consume AvéULTRA?

Women who are pregnant or nursing should not consume AvéULTRA. It should not be consumed by people who have had an organ or tissue transplant, by those suffering malabsorption syndrome, gluten sensitive enterophaties (celiac sprue), or who have hypersensitivity to gluten, wheat germ or any of the components or ingredients in this product.

Allergen Statement: AvéULTRA contains wheat and yeast ingredients. Although the process of making the product removes almost all gluten, the principal allergen in wheat, the product comes in contact with gluten containing wheat, and the possibility of contamination still exists.

7. Are there side effects associated with using AvéULTRA?

AvéULTRA is well tolerated by most people. No serious side effects have been reported in extensive human testing. Occasionally burping, bloating or soft stools may occur when first starting with AvéULTRA, but these symptoms usually improve with continued use. If diarrhea occurs, try dividing the daily usage amount into two halves, taking half in the morning and half in the late afternoon.

8. How long does someone take AvéULTRA before they notice a difference?

People who take AvéULTRA daily often report improvement in appetite, energy and daily activity within 3 weeks. Objective measures of improvement typically occur within 3 months.*

9. How long should someone continue to take AvéULTRA?

For long-term results, one should use AvéULTRA for at least 6 months. People in fragile states of health need more help staying healthy than those in more robust good health. Clinical trials involving hundreds of participants taking AvéULTRA daily over a period of several years have proven it safe and beneficial for long-term use. Since Avemar, the proprietary ingredient in AvéULTRA, supports the basic mechanisms which the body utilizes to respond to stress and the daily challenges to health*, it may make sense to use it continuously.

Determining how long to use AvéULTRA comes down to a personal judgment of when one is “healthy enough”. Consulting with a physician may help in evaluating the factors that determine whether to continue or to stop using this dietary supplement. People using AvéULTRA can stop at anytime without experiencing side effects or withdrawal. It is non-addictive and non-habit forming.

10. Is there a recommendation for using AvéULTRA at a lower “maintenance level” of use?

Since research has shown very dramatic and unique benefits from using AvéULTRA at the suggested level of use, and since this level of use is entirely safe and non-toxic, research has not considered the use of AvéULTRA at lower levels. Consultation with a physician may help determine whether a lower “maintenance level” of AvéULTRA use is appropriate.

11. What does it cost to use AvéULTRA on a monthly basis?

AvéULTRA comes in boxes of 30 pre-measured, individual serving packets (5.53g, providing 5.5g of Avemar), intended for once-a-day use, providing a one-month supply at a suggested retail price of $199.95.

12. Is that expensive compared with other supplements?

Use of AvéULTRA at the recommended usage level will cost less than $7 per day. Many dietary supplements recommended for people with serious health problems are not as well supported by scientific research and are far more expensive. At the recommended usage level, a widely recommended “fermented soy drink” will cost $1,800 per month; for a “palladium lipoic complex” supplement, the cost per month is $1,075. Most other herbal, enzyme and other natural products, when used at the recommended levels by people with serious illness, cost $200 to $300 per month.

Part of the cost of Avemar, the proprietary ingredient in AvéULTRA, is derived from the cost of materials and the cost of manufacturing in an ISO 9001:2000 and pharmaceutical GMP compliant process. The fermentation of many kilos of wheat germ by bakers’ yeast yields only a few liters of filtered fermented liquid. When the water is evaporated off, it yields only a very few grams of Avemar powder.

The cost of AvéULTRA also reflects the prior research program, resulting in more than 100 studies in cell lines, animals and humans, and the cost of ongoing research in the U.S., Hungary and other countries. Although it is not the cheapest dietary supplement available, the extensive research with Avemar shows that when AvéULTRA is used appropriately, it is a most valuable dietary supplement.

13. How does it compare to other wheat germ supplements?

There is really no comparison. Pure wheat germ, wheat germ oil, and wheat germ extract powder (often found as an ingredient in “green drinks”) may have generally beneficial properties, but research on these products has not shown the effects that Avemar, the proprietary ingredient in AvéULTRA, has demonstrated on helping to maintain normal, healthy cellular metabolism and immune regulation* (please see the research on Avemar for additional information at the website, www.avemarresearch.com.)

14. Can AvéULTRA be used with other dietary supplements?

There are many dietary supplements and special diets that may benefit people who may wish to use AvéULTRA. None of them will interfere with AvéULTRA, and AvéULTRA will not interfere with them, as long as other supplements are consumed two hours before or two hours after taking AvéULTRA. Consult with a health care professional that specializes in natural and nutritional medicine for a comprehensive protocol of diet, exercise and dietary supplements.

15. Can AvéULTRA be used along with prescription medications?

The primary ingredient in AvéULTRA, Avemar, has been the subject of hundreds of studies resulting in more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, including studies that look at potential drug interactions. An answer as to whether AvéULTRA will interact with a specific drug is best obtained by consulting with a pharmacist or physician. Pharmacists and doctors can find research that can answer most questions on interactions at the website, www.avemarresearch.com.

16. How do I store AvéULTRA?

AvéULTRA can be stored at room temperature, but it should not be stored at temperatures above 80° Fahrenheit. Each packet is sealed, so humidity should not be a problem.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, sure or prevent any disease.

As a dietary supplement for adults, use 1 AvéULTRA™ packet (5.53g, providing 5.5g Avemar fermented wheat germ actives) per day. Add contents of AvéULTRA packet to 4 oz (120 ml) of cold water or juice, mix well and drink within 30 minutes (mix by shaking with ice for best results). To maximize absorption, consume AvéULTRA approximately 1 hour before or after food, and 2 hours before or after taking any drugs or other dietary supplements.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Avemar®, the proprietary ingredient in AvéULTRA, is supported by more than 30 published research articles and studies.

To view this research, please visit one of the following websites:

  • www.avemarresearch.com
  • www.pubmed.gov (The National Library of Medicine’s website – search under the terms “Avemar” and/or “fermented wheat germ”)
  • www.asco.org (The website for The American Society of Clinical Oncology – search also under the terms “Avemar” and/or “fermented wheat germ”)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, sure or prevent any disease.

"I can not find the greatest words for how I feel for you have made me feel alive again. I now look forward to my long life."

Mary Ann D.

"My doctor Dr. Ross Dunbar N.D. is very certain that your products are having a major effect on my feeling so good. My doctor did not have much hope for me but now I am very much alive and doing well."

Beverly K.

"My mom started taking Avemar and nothing else. She started feeling better. When she did go back for her treatment, they took her blood first and her white blood count was great. Her Dr. was amazed. We have all had bad colds and yet she has not been sick."

Florence L.

"I'm so glad I started using Ave. My appetite, energy and quality of life have improved, even my doctor is impressed."

Hewlen G.

"We believe Ave has aided in Joseph's full recovery from a very aggressive heath issue. Joseph has decided to continue taking Ave for an indefinite period of time. It is a great product and we believe in it."

Joseph M.

"Ave has literally changed my life and given me new hope. My doctor also researched the Ave information and was impressed and recommended that I continue to take Ave."

Kent A.

"After reading Dr. Williams "Alternatives" September issue on Ave, I immediately ordered the product, and for the last six weeks have been taking it twice daily. Within four days, my pain level had gone down."

Mark F.

"I'm pleased to report I've been taking Ave for a month. I spoke to my doctor and took a blood test, which proved that my Anemia went from 29 to 34, which is the first time in months that my blood cells were normal. I feel much more energetic."

Mildred L.

"I attributed improvement to a miracle from God! Now I think that perhaps that miracle was God leading my husband to Avemar."

Peggy G.

"I was very sick and lackluster, without energy, then my brother read about Avemar and wanted me to try it. Now I am beginning top feel more like myself."

Sister Mary G.

To help familiarize practitioners with the dietary supplements we sell, we have complimentary samples and information that we can send to you. Each package of information contains 10 product samples (each sample contains one daily dosage), as well as basic literature on the product, and research articles/studies on the proprietary ingredient in the product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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