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ImmPower ER®

“My experience with fatigue left my body and mind in a devastated, crippling condition that I could not snap out of. I have experienced a nightmare for the past three years. I was no longer able to do bodily functions or concentrate and focus on basic chores. Simple tasks became a catastrophe for me to perform. It was as if someone had shut a light switch off in me and I could not keep awake or function at all. I went into a deep sleep, hibernation mentally and physically and could not snap out of it. I had tried endless, expensive products to remove myself out of this coma-like state and condition, but I could not return to the living.

Miraculously, after only taking your product for three days, two capsules each day, my experience is that I had come back form the dead! It felt as if someone flipped a switch and turned me back on. ImmPower is so exceptional and ultimately the best product for the immune system that it should be prescribed by physicians all over the world! ImmPower is the ultimate best, God-sent product on the face of this planet! I will forever and always remain on your product for the rest of my life. ImmPower is worth its weight in gold! ImmPower has brought me back to life! I am writing in reference to our conversation regarding your product of excellence ImmPower for immune system support.

American BioSciences, Inc. should promote this unique product ImmPower to conquer fatigue to any degree! Your ImmPower should receive recognition around the world as the Ultimate Best ever for fatigue! ImmPower is the Ultimate Best! Your product ImmPower, for immune system support, is most definitely a Superior Rare Find! ImmPower by American BioSciences, Inc. is a God-Send!”
Gayle S.

“From the day of Larry’s 1st mega dose of ImmPower, he began improving almost overnight. He was able to keep down and enjoy most foods and liquids and began regaining his weight and strength, looked and felt almost 100% better, and soon was able to resume most of the things he had done before. We both sing the praises of ImmPower to anyone who will listen and have given dozens of people the information on how and from whom to order it.”
Joycelyn W.

“I started taking ImmPower the middle of June 2000. I experienced a change in energy and strength almost immediately. It was very evident within days. After a while I stopped worrying about tiring myself out. With Immpower, for the first time in two years, my energy is great! I have added Immpower to a long list of strategies for preventing a recurrence and to improve my strength and combat fatigue. I have recommended it to several friends and have sent samples to my sister.”
Jacquelin T.


“As an author of many studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals, I was very impressed by HP8’s supporting research. I have evaluated many prostate formulas and have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly and consistently HP8 showed results. I can speak from personal experience, it worked without side effects.”
Dr. Aristo V.

“Both myself and his family physician were somewhat floored. I certainly hope this is not an exceptional response, you guys may be on to something.”
Dr. Brown

“In the case of the HP8, we have a better basic tab and the addition of a pill will give better performance than the PC/SPECS with no side effects. We are all greatly encouraged with the results.”
D. Beeler


“Our six-year-old 13 pound Yorkshire terrier, Tigger, has been taking DGP for several months. He, as a pup, had broken his leg twice and was suffering from arthritis. He wasn’t limping or in obvious pain, but in damp weather, he didn’t walk or play. He just wanted to sleep. We knew he was uncomfortable and decided to try DGP to see if it would help. We really didn’t see any difference for about three weeks and then it occurred to us he wasn’t having any bad days!! Tigger loves my son and son-in-law and they noticed how “frisky” he was. We were delighted, as we hadn’t mentioned anything about the pills. Tigger is very playful now and interacts happily with people and other animals. He keeps our yard a squirrel-free zone! We’ll be using this product for the rest of his life. Thank you, Thank you. This would be a good product for us humans.”
David B.

“I have been using DGP in my clinic for the past couple of months. I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with your product. I have seen some very impressive clinical responses in only one to two weeks on the formula. I have had clients call back and inform me they “have a new dog”. One client reported he either needed to stop giving his dog the formula or start taking it himself so he could keep up on their walks! My own dog is a good example. She is an 11 year old Golden Retreiver who has struggled with hip dysplasia for years. After switching her to DGP for 2 weeks, she is able to jump into the back of my utility vehicle again and hasn’t done that for over a year. Hats off to the herbalist that put this formula together. I have already got many happier patients because of it.”
Dr. Gary V.

“When I received your brochure on DGP, I almost threw it away. I thought it was just another piece of junk mail. But I opened the pages to page two, the test with the thirteen questions. I realized that my dog, Princess, a sheltie, has all thirteen symptoms. Our vet had her on Glucosamine and Chondrotin. My little baby became very sick. She was vomiting and had diarrhea with blood. Being a nurse, I immediately stopped giving her those pills. When I read the ingredients in the DGP supplement I knew it wouldn’t cause any bleeding, so I ordered one bottle. Both Princess and I are thrilled with the results. I give her one and a half tablets per day and in the first 10 days I saw great results. She stopped limping and is able to get up from a sitting position without a struggle. Best of all, she is not grouchy and does not cry out in her sleep. She is on DGP now for 22 days and I see how she is improving. She used to scratch her nose with her front paws or rub it along the carpet. But, now she is using her back paws to scratch her nose. She has become so frisky, running and playing with our other three dogs. I am definitely going to mention DGP to our vet and to all my friends with dogs.”
Emily I.

“When Skeet was about a year and a half, he developed a limp in his left hind leg. We took him to the vet twice, once for a check up and once for x-rays and had him on glucosamine for almost 8 months. Nothing helped. Then we got a flyer in the mail advertising DGP and so I tried it. Skeet was on the DGP for almost 2 months (3 pills a day) and didn’t show any improvement. So I called and discussed his problem with the product manager and she suggested we try him on 4 pills. Within 5 days we could see the difference and within 2 weeks, Skeet was completely limp free. What a difference that one extra pill made. Needless to say, we are so pleased with DGP and have our Skeet back again. He is running like a puppy, jumping in the care and genuinely loving life again. Thanks to DGP, Skeet is pain free. And, thanks for getting him on the correct dose.”
April P.

“My husband and I want to thank you so very much for the quality of life given back to our 14 year old Lab. It took the 3rd bottle to rally see the miracle DGP had to offer. Scandal now has so much spunk and is so vocal we laugh. He chases our riding mower, walks thru the house barking and gets up and down like nothing. He no longer whimpers with pain. I have since sold the results of this medicine to 3 friends who are also amazed.”
Donna R.

“Taree has been on DGP caps for two weeks, and he’s back into his daily activities again, such as riding in the car and going to the park. He’s my beautiful, 14 year-old, special needs Doxie, who has been such a blessing in my life. Taree sends his thank you – to you!”
Diana B.


“Our hospital work is grueling for our working dogs. We provide Animal Assisted Therapy Programs, service dogs and dog training in the Atlanta area. It takes highly trained, healthy dog to provide patients with the best service. We rely on NK-9 and DGP to keep our dogs health and sound.”
K Cosby, Professional Trainer